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Bathroom remodeling contractors

Vip bathroom Solutions provides a full range of high-quality bathroom refurbishment. We are a recognized refurbishment company based in Greater London .

Having serviced hundreds of clients, our bathroom remodeling contractors have the expertise necessary to make your home a bright, beautiful and comfy place that you have always wanted.

We specialize in premium refurbishment projects and deliver personalized experience to our clients. Our designers focus on individual and highly customized projects to provide unique solutions to our customers.

If you are in need of undertaking a refurbishment project or want to master bathroom remodeling, you’ve reached your destination. Here’s why we are your best choice.
Why VipBS?
When you choose to sign up with us, you are getting:

  1. a free quote for your project;
  2. full project plan together with visualization and drawings ready for you in just two days;
  3. professional assistance from a team of experienced and highly skilled experts;
  4. team’s availability 24/7 to complete your project quickly and hassle-free, even if the deadline is pressing;
  5. minimum intrusion into your daily routine while the refurbishment process lasts;
  6. our local bathroom remodeling contractors will contact suppliers and directly handle communications with them so you don’t have to.

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100% customer satisfaction guarantee
1 year labour warranty & 2-year parts warranty
Experiences more than 10 years
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