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Bathroom remodeling design

Bathroom routine is such an important part of our daily life. Just think that we spend about one and a half year of our lifetime in the bathroom (well, at least that’s what scientists claim!)

The bathroom is more than just a place for undertaking hygienic procedures. For most of us, it’s a quiet and cozy retreat where one can relax, reflect on the daily goings-on and rejuvenate one’s spirits.

Having 10 years of experience in the high-end bathroom market, we believe that a bathroom must not only be comfy but sophisticated as well.

There is a great variety of styles and materials you can use to decorate your bathroom interior in style. Bathroom remodeling design evolve and one can hardly be surprised with colorful tiles or elegant plumbing anymore. In fact, the first rule of modern bathroom design trends is a truly unique, customized look.

Modern bathroom design ideas particularly favour minimalism. The key advice is to use laconic, yet beautiful décor elements. Another reason minimalism is such a great choice is that it offers endless opportunities for creative experiments.

As well as that, minimalism reminds us of some good rules to follow in bathroom planning and design. First of all, the smaller the room, the fewer standalone elements it should contain. At the same time, those that are necessary must be optimally sized.

Smaller but nonetheless important items should match the colour of the walls. It is also a good idea to locate a few decorative elements in the bathroom, for example an exotic shell, a picture or a moisture-loving climbing plant. Details like these smooth an extremely functional bathroom and add a touch of carelessness without cluttering the space, that concerns designs for small bathrooms firstly.

If this style is something you would go for, don’t miss a chance to implement a design project of your own with us. A vast variety of decorating materials, types of plumbing and furniture we can help you install provides an excellent opportunity to make a bathroom of your dreams.

Servicing our clientele for 15 years, we are proud of our projects. Hundreds of our happy clients are the best proof of our professionalism. Our main focus is custom tailor-made design projects which ensure that our ideas are highly appreciated.

Our experts can prepare visualization, drawings and project budget within just 2 days. They will provide an in-depth project overview, warn you about all the pitfalls and provide advice on the optimal arrangement of bathroom elements. Our designers will offer you a vision but of course the ultimate choice is up to you.

We provide the following services:

  • visiting your space directly, agreeing on the timeline and taking measurements of the bathroom;
  • creating a 3D visualization model based on your requirements;
  • making necessary edits and approving the final design;
  • developing a detailed scheme that includes sanitary ware, furniture and lighting elements. Tips on décor are also included;
  • monitoring progress of the project.

But we do even more! Order full renovation of two bathrooms and save up to 20%. If you need to upgrade your sanitary ware on top of bathroom renovation, we will provide you with materials at a 20% discount.

We also strongly recommend that old buildings are upgraded with modern water boilers to improve water supply.

Get in touch with us to start your own bathroom design project. Our team of dedicated professionals has a wealth of expertise to help you transform your space into a comfortable, beautiful and sophisticated bathroom area!

We can create outstanding bathroom design and installations in London from even the smallest of spaces. Together we can plan an incredible bathroom.

It’s time to transform your bathroom!

Ready to make your bathroom a beautiful and sophisticated place you have always wanted? Get in touch right away and ask us anything – we’re here to help you with any bathroom installation and renovation needs, big and small.

We work in Greater London & around the London areas:

Hayes, Uxbridge, High Wycombe, Slough, Beaconsfield , Wood Green, Gerrards Cross , Marlow, Chalfont st Peter, Fulmer, Stoke Poges, Chorleywood.

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